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Still not much time for big, personal projects. However, I have been snatching time here and there for a few, small things.

The Wally Framework, which is still being polished so don’t download it yet. This is a generalized version of the framework I’ve been using for web projects at work this past year. It’s developed in-house, because as good advice as it normally is to use others’ code, I wanted to understand how our LMS worked from top-to-bottom. I also didn’t want to get locked into version n of a framework, have n+1 come with a whole new API, and be left with a largely abandoned code base I’d have to learn from the bottom up.

Racket-learning, my catch-all repository for experiments in Racket. The past couple of weeks I’ve finally been getting into Racket…not like the other times when I’d install it, dabble a few hours, and forget it. Though I doubt I’ll ever be a professional Schemer, I enjoying getting my mind to think in sync with Racket.

Tic-Tac-Toe, a silly diversion during a dull training session which taught me some finer points about WPF. Though I planned to add a single-player feature at the time, some reading of tic-tac-toe game theory…or the lack there of…dissuaded me.

My last post was about how I was late to the Github party, but since then I’ve been using it for most of my personal projects and a few work-related ones. I haven’t had to roll anything back yet, but knowing I can is kind of nice.

Late to the Github party

Finally started uploading some code to my Github account. Right now it’s one unfinished wrapper and a small client I use at work ever since something more official and Enterpise-y broke. I’m quite late to the Github party, so I suppose that means some new SVC software will start trending soon. Har har.

Yet Another Not Update

Work for the past few months has been pretty hectic, hence the lack of updates here. I’ve done a ton of cool stuff, including redoing the E-Learning system at work with my own full stack MVC framework. Learned a lot, learned some things not to do, but it has eaten up a ton of my life. Hopefully as the summer gets here things will slow down enough for me to redesign the site a bit.

This has possibilities

I’ve known Perl had libraries like Net::SSH2 and (my preferred, but abandoned) Net::SSH::Perl for a while, but I never used them before a few weeks ago. We needed a script to check the disk use on our Zimbra server. Since I have a thing about running non-standard scripts on what’s essentially an appliance, I chose to have my script shell in to get the df. Since then, and since playing around with it some, I’ve just been kind of gobsmacked at the potential this opens up for script writing.

It feels a bit silly being this gobsmacked, because I’ve coded libraries that use PHP to FTP, written Perl scripts that talk to SMTP servers, and written countless lines of code that generate and consume web services. Making one computer talking to another is what I do. It’s nothing new.

Something about this just feels I’ve stumbled onto Excalibur.

LEGO Laser Pegs Base

Much to my surprise, it turns out the triangular (technically hexagonal) power base for Laser Pegs will pretty much fit within 16×16 LEGO plate.

laser_peg_base01.png laser_peg_base02.png

Armed with this knowledge, I constructed the above holder so that I could better embed Laser Peg constructs within LEGO (or other brick) structures.  You can download the instructions for building the base by clicking here.

Not an update

Work and side work has been keeping me pretty busy these days, so there’s not much new on the personal project front. Thanks to these I’ve learned a bit more about the WordPress Plug-In API, which is always interesting.

I’m hoping to get some time off this summer so I can get back to seriously learning Scala and Go. I’ve got a VPS with both of them installed, and just waiting to have time to tinker.


If you’re going to program in C++, I highly recommend Code::Blocks. I’m normally a Komodo (Perl, Python, etc.) or Visual Studio (VB.NET and C#) guy, but Code::Blocks totally blows away every other C++ IDE I’ve used. That includes Visual Studio, Borland C++, and vi. I’ve been using it as I refresh and expand my C++ skills, and it actually makes C++ fun.

Two builds posted

Pages for Toylantis and Developolis have been posted. These are two of my largest builds using just about every building toy line I collected at the time. In the future, I should remember to include more Construx in my creations.


thumphper.php is the first version of the half of my attempt at replicating the basic functionality of Photobucket:

  1. Storing image files
  2. Thumbnailing them automatically after upload
  3. Displaying them in directory-based galleries
  4. Generate chronological RSS feeds of the directories

This script generates PNG images and thumbnails from files uploaded to my home directory and stores them in a separate, web accessible directory. It’s run from crontab every few minutes, it’s not event based.

Another Build

I just added a page for my K’Nex contraption the Carousel of Blondes, which is a small gadget that spins a pair of collector cards around.

There are pictures of my builds, and they will be added as soon as I can piece together a little WP plug-in to display them properly.

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